Embed Data Studio Dashboards Into Your Blog

Google Data studio is a reporting platform by Google. It fits nicely into the Google ecosystem. Data Studio has built templates that make it easy to integrate with their other products such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. You just have to open the template, change the connections and you have a beautifully designed dashboard that has been built for you.

Data studio also lets you share dashboards with other users and even lets you give them permission to make changes to any dashboards you create.

Another neat feature is the ability to embed analysis into third party products like WordPress. This means that if I do some analysis and create reports on Data Studio, I can publish the dashboards directly on my blog.

I would like to do a larger post about this but as a quickie below are two reports.

One is a standard Python Matplotlib report.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

The next is the same report from Data Studio. The report is interactive and can be shared just by copying the embed code.

This way you can publish high quality analysis quickly and share interactive reports easily.

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