Combining Pandas Data

Some of the most interesting analysis is done by combining different sets of data. In Pandas like a lot of what happens in Python, there are multiple ways to do certain specific things. This post looks at combining data in Pandas. It first looks at the different data combination options available in Pandas and then… Continue reading Combining Pandas Data

Hierarchical Indexing in Pandas

The fundamental objects in Pandas are the Series and the Data Frame objects. The Series being a one dimensional representation of data and the Data Frame being a two dimensional representation. There are also objects to create higher dimensions like a Panel and a Panel4d, however this functionality can implemented in Series and Data Frames… Continue reading Hierarchical Indexing in Pandas

2 Matplotlib Interfaces

Matplotlib is the defacto plotting library in Python. Even though it is one of many plotting libraries, analysts most likely cut their teeth on Matplotlib. This is because it is one of the oldest and and a lot of the concepts of plotting were based on what happened in Matplotlib. Once you get the hang… Continue reading 2 Matplotlib Interfaces